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John Gallagher

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John Gallagher is a retired attorney who served in the US Army at Fort Monmouth in the 1950s. He was a company commander, and he worked in the JAG office during the time of the commanding general’s fanatical safe-driving campaign and during Senator Joe McCarthy’s Communist spy hunt.  John Gallagher is the author of Grady’s Tour: Lieutenant John Grady’s Tour of Duty in Korean War.


According to the book description of Grady’s Tour: Lieutenant John Grady’s Tour of Duty in Korean War, “Lt. John Grady serves in South Korea and in North Korea where he is trapped behind Chinese lines and fights to reach safety. He returns to Fort Monmouth where his general has an unreasonable safe-driving program. Senator Joe McCarthy alleges that Communist spies are in the engineering laboratories at Fort Monmouth. Grady becomes involved in both matters. He has a romance with a local girl. This historic novel is detailed and accurate concerning the strategic events of the Korean War, both on the battle field and on the home front.”

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