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John M. Fitzgerald II

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Colonel John M. Fitzgerald II, USA (ret.) began his career with the US Army at the West Point Military Academy.  As his son-in-law wrote, “Jack’s year at West Point was an adventure in itself.  He was turned out in June with a section one standing in four academic subjects.  Jack returned to the ranks as a Corporal and entered the University of Pittsburgh following placement examinations as a second semester sophomore.  Now a Staff Sergeant, he applied for a commission under the ROTC act when he graduated in August 1955.”


During the late 1950s and early 1960s Colonel Fitzgerald’s military career involved both stateside and assignments in Latin American.  In 1966, Jack, now a Major, was off to Viet Nam where he was assigned as the J-2 I Corps Desk Officer in the MACV Current Intelligence and Indications Branch.  Splitting his tour between Saigon and I Corps, he earned the Legion of Merit among other decorations and was requested by the Marine Corps as a student at their Command and Staff College which he attended after earning his Masters Degree at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.  A tour at the Pentagon (ACSFOR) followed after which Jack assisted in the activation of the new Test and Evaluation Agency and then returned to Viet Nam as Deputy Chief of the Four Party Joint Military Team investigating status of POW and missing allied soldiers in North Viet Nam.”


Colonel John M. Fitzgerald retired in 1986, after a 32 year career.  He is the author of The Family in Crisis: The United States, the Philippines, and the Second World War and O’Hara’s War.


The MOAA said of The Family in Crisis: The United States, the Philippines, and the Second World War, “Fitzgerald's book covers the period from before WWII, through the conflict, and beyond with the emphasis on the guerilla war waged against the Japanese by Filipinos and American stay-behinds. Included is a special section on Ferdinand Marcos and an annotated bibliography.”

Family In Crisis: The United States, the Philippines, and the Second World War
John M. Fitzgerald  More Info

John M. Fitzgerald  More Info

According to the description of the novel O’Hara’s War, “Sean O'Hara was one of many young men who went off to fight for either North or South. Circumstances place the young Confederate as a runner with General PT Beauregard at First Manasses from where he follows the general to the War in the West. We follow Sean through the campaigns at the side of General Patrick Cleburne, the South's most famous division commander but that is not all as at war's end, Sean finds himself in a Union uniform fighting Indians as a "galvanized Yankee." After the war, Sean continues his career with the Seventh and Tenth U.S. Cavalries while he raises a son to follow in his footsteps. Sean's adventures are a perfect way to learn about the less publicized war in the west and those who fought it.”

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