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Jeffrey W. Bennett

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Captain Jeffrey W. Bennett, USA (ret.) is a “former Army officer who has been stationed around the world and has met many peoples of various customs, celebrity and influence.  He speaks three languages and holds a Masters Degree in Acquisitions and Procurement Management from Webster University and is an MBA candidate with Columbia College.  His experiences have involved adventure training, recruiting, world travel, diving, and flying.  He has spoken on many motivational topics to major civic organizations, church groups, college and high school campuses.”  Jeffrey W. Bennett is the author of ISP Certification-The Industrial Security Professional Exam Manual and Under the Lontar Palm.


According to the book description of ISP Certification-The Industrial Security Professional Exam Manual, “What can be more important than protecting our Nation's secrets? This study system offers easy to understand career advice and provides a study system designed to help industrial security professionals and Government security specialists understand the NISPOM and Presidential Executive Orders implementing the National Industrial Security Program. This is the only product of its kind providing four practice tests, practical advice for security professionals and improved fundamental NISPOM knowledge. ISP Certification will both help prepare you for the test and provide career enhancing training to best meet the needs of Government and industrial security professionals. Why do you need this book? The following most recent security job postings tell the story: Must have CPP or ISP certification and Certification as a CPP or ISP preferred. Preparing for the ISP? Our book can help! Four practice tests of 110 questions each Analysis of Executive Orders and NISPOM , Game plan to improve industrial security skills Who can benefit from this book? Industrial Security Specialists; Businesses engaged in classified contracts; Government employees; DoD, DOE, NSA, CIA, DSS and any other agency employees involved in protecting our nation's secrets.”


According to the book description of Under the Lontar Palm, “More than anything, John wants to be an airline pilot. Fresh from the Vietnam war, he begins his odyssey flying missionaries over the jungles of Irian Jaya, Indonesia. He plans to stay a short time as he gains flying experience. However, he didn't count on meeting Marta, a widowed missionary. In spite of different motivations, the two are somehow drawn to one another. In the midst, both must deal with their feelings as they experience the outcome of tribal warfare, trouble making miners, and humorous villagers.”

ISP Certification-The Industrial Security Professional Exam Manual
Jeffrey W. Bennett  More Info

Under the Lontar Palm
Jeffrey W. Bennett  More Info

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