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James Solomon

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Lieutenant Colonel James Solomon, USA (ret.) is the author of II Comandante.  According to the book description, it is “An intriguing and gripping story of a retired U.S. Army Infantry Officer who is doggedly followed by Italian police as well as Israeli agents. "The Comandante," as the local citizenry and police characterize him, is touring Italy with his family. As familiar sights and areas are recognized, Lt. Col. Mitchell describes the actions that took place there during World War II. While he is somehow therapeutically relieving himself of some of the pain he experienced during those periods, he seems to become more and more embroiled in the cause of the Israeli agents who are on the trail of Nazi war criminals. Col. Mitchell is perceived to have the key to bring the criminals to justice.


With danger forever present, the officer manages to delve into his past and recover some memories with the help of memorabilia. He thus understands his untenable position. He holds the key but does not realize it. The threats he receives do not help matters. On his own, he fences with Nazi collaborators to elicit the truth.”

Il Comandante
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