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James B. Smith

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Colonel James B. Smith, USA (ret.) “is an attorney in Metuchen, NJ, who was a municipal court judge and served for thirty years in the Army Ready Reserve.  Colonel James B. Smith is the author of Faithful to the Obligations of Honor.


The Rutgers Preparatory School said of Faithful to the Obligations of Honor, “In the course of the Civil War, cadets from Virginia Military Institute, the Military College of South Carolina and the Florida Military and Collegiate Institute each found themselves thrust into the furnace of battle during a crisis. All comported themselves well and Judge Smith relates their deeds clearly and concisely in prose that is worthy of more well-known Civil War historians such as Bruce Catton and Shelby Foote. The only criticism to be made of the work is that it is all too brief. The reader wishes that the scope of Judge Smith’s subject allowed him to relate more of the events of the Second American Revolution.”

Faithful to the Obligations of Honor
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According to the book description of Faithful to the Obligations of Honor, “Only three college ROTC corps of cadets carry battle streamers on their flags—Virginia Military Institute, The Citadel and Florida State University. This is a history of how these colleges came into being and how their cadets earned battle honors in the Civil War.”

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