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James J. Finnegan

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James J. Finnegan served with the US Army Signal Corps in Vietnam and commanded a Signal Company in the US before returning to civilian life. For the past 25 years, James Finnegan has worked on Business Process Compliance in a variety of industries and cultures.  He is an international business consult who has written: S.M.A.C: Saga of a Student Warrior; C.M.A.C.: The Saga of a Saigon Warrior; C.M.A.C.: A Vietnam Era Trilogy; and, Enterprise Compliance Management.


According to the book description of C.M.A.C.: The Saga of a Saigon Warrior, “Radios, Rockets and Radar greatly influenced the life of Lieutenant James. A. Callaghan during his U.S. Government sponsored stay in Viet Nam. The 'Conflict', prior to his arrival in country, had spawned what was known to the world as the 'Tet Offensive', an extensive and well coordinated action launched by the Viet Cong on the Republic of Viet Nam. During the mayhem caused by the advance of the 13 regular regiments from the north it became obvious that there was a need for a coordinating command to insure the protection of Saigon. This was the birth of the Capital Military Assistance Command, C.M.A.C.. It was hastily setup in an old French Foreign Legion compound and was soon home for the new Radio Officer, Lieutenant James Callaghan. C.M.A.C. highlights his adventures.”


According to the book description of S.M.A.C: Saga of a Student Warrior, “People train for many things; tests, matches, weight reduction, but few, in comparison to the generation of the sixties generation have trained for war. Plucked from society, having just completed High school or college, and immersed in an all consuming activity to make one ready for armed conflict was quite a shock for many who were involved.


Saga of a Student Warrior describes how James Callaghan dealt with the dramatic change in his life from the quiet of college to the all-encompassing training preparation for armed conflict in Vietnam. It is the beginning of a trilogy following Callaghan's four-year military life. It describes how he dealt with Basic Training, Advanced Individual Training, Infantry Officer Candidate School, Signal Officers' Training and finally as a Radio Officer at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.”

C.M.A.C.: The Saga of a Saigon Warrior
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Smac: Saga of a Student Warrior
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Enterprise Compliance Management (ECM): Bringing Influences Together
James J. Finnegan  More Info

According to the book description of Enterprise Compliance Management, “Most of what we do is driven by an effort to be compliant. Hardly a second goes by when we are not complying with some rule, regulation, standard, order, etc. We stop for traffic signals, complete tax forms, credit applications, and so on.


Business further complicates matters by adding another layer of compliance requirements to our lives. These include, just to name a few: standards, contracts, regulations, legislation, management requirements and goals, data and best practices. The challenge is to identify which of these requirements are applicable to the business and translate those needs into compliance products which are created and managed by processes within the operation of the business.


Enterprise Compliance Management (ECM) focuses on a holistic, top-down, business oriented view of compliance. The guide discusses a common sense method for the creation and management of compliance on an enterprise basis with the use of integrated toolsets.”

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