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Jack R. Lundquist

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Jack R. Lundquist, Jr. was born and raised in the City of San Pablo, California, a suburb within the San Francisco Bay Area. His desire to be a police officer was formulated early in life. He became a police explorer scout, and later a reserve police officer with the City of San Pablo Police Department. At age twenty-one Jack Lundquist was drafted by the United States Army, and served as a Military Policeman at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland, where he obtained the rank of Sergeant (E-5). Upon being honorably discharged, Jack Lundquist returned to the San Francisco Bay area.

After a brief stint as a Reserve Police Officer he was hired by the Oakland Police Department.  During his tenure he attended the University of San Francisco, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree.  His love for basic patrol work kept him in a marked police car for two separate periods, totaling twelve years.  The remainder of the time was spent as criminal investigator, ending with a seven-year period in Vice.


Upon retirement Jack Lundquist moved to the City of Truckee, California, and took a position as Chief of Security for the Sands Regency Casino Hotel, in Reno, Nevada.  He served two years in that capacity, when he moved to Las Vegas, Nevada to facilitate his wife's employment.


Once settling in, he accepted a position with the Clark County Department of Business License as a Special Agent in the Night Enforcement Unit, specializing in alcoholic beverage control enforcement, a job requiring considerable undercover work in many of the adult related businesses, such as; strip clubs, sex clubs, and adult entertainment throughout Clark County, Nevada.

ViceCop, the sequel to Beatcop culminates the twenty-one year career of "Officer Blondie."  Extraordinary attention was put into both books to ensure each is a stand alone book, meaning a reader can pick up either, and upon reading it find there is a beginning, middle and ending.  Yet, both books in sequence effectively and chronologically cover the author's entire career as a police officer working a dodgy city.  ViceCop readers will experience the most remarkable stories, including the inner workings of two major investigations, including a year long investigation into charitable bingo, and why six Oakland Housing Authority Officers were federally indicted and subsequently convicted of misconduct, assault, theft, and planting drugs on suspects.


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