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Jack C. Botts

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Jack C. Botts entered the Army Air Force in June of 1943, upon graduation from high school. Botts was stationed at bases in Texas and Nebraska until July of 1944, when he was transferred to Italy. Jack Botts was a crew member on a B17 Bomber in World War Two.  On his missions, Jack Botts bombed German controlled oil refineries and factories in Belgium, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Romania, France, Italy, and Poland. In January of 1945, Jack Botts was sent back to the United States, where he served in Washington, Wisconsin, and Nevada before separating from the Army Air Force, at the rank of Technical Sergeant.  After the war, Jack Botts was a journalist and then a professor at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.


Jack Botts is the author of Straight and level: (growing up in the '40s); Whitestone: The Second Nebraska Cavalry; Home Place; Play Action; A pocketful of plums: (Jim River days); and, The Language of News: A Journalist's Pocket Reference.

According to the book description, Straight and Level “is a personal account of a North Dakotan who went directly from high school in 1942 to Army Air Forces training and a B17 bomber crew in Europe during World War II. From old diaries, letters, records and memory, the author recreates both the rigors of training and the panic and frenzy of combat missions.”


According to the book description of Whitestone: The Second Nebraska Cavalry, “During the Civil War, after Santee Sioux killed several hundred settlers in the fall of 1862, residents of Nebraska and Iowa feared for their lives. Washington supplied encouragement, enough supplies to muster a volunteer regiment of cavalry from each state, and a general to lead them against the Indians. This is the story of that long summer campaign by untrained Nebraska soldiers-mostly boys between seventeen and twenty-enduring extremes of weather and shortages of provisions before finding and defeating a large encampment of renegade Indians at Whitestone Hill.”


According to the book description of Home Place, “A Nebraska rancher, trying to assist a car-crash victim, picks up a mysterious compact disk and finds himself and his wife besieged on their ranch by a pair of mob killers. Without effective weapons, they resort to an inventive defense. As a high plains blizzard rages, a beautiful Treasury agent joins forces with a deputy sheriff in an attempt to rescue the ranchers.”

Straight and Level: (Growing up in the '40s)
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Home Place
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Whitestone: The Second Nebraska Cavalry
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Play Action
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The Language of News: A Journalist's Pocket Reference
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A pocketful of plums: (Jim River days)
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According to the book description of Play Action, “A New Jersey jeweler has a million-dollar problem. The Russian Mafia has bought his debt paper and wants him to help rob a diamond shipment. He rejects that plan and substitutes his own, launching him and a Mafia man into an international web of criminal deception. The story lays a trail half-way around the world and ends in an FBI chase and a plane crash and struggle for survival in the Bitter Root Mountains of Idaho.”

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