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George Sammet

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Lieutenant General George Sammet, USA (ret.) “entered the Army from ROTC in 1942. He has a B.S. from the University of Illinois, M.S in International Relations from George Washington University, and M.P.E. from the Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh. An Honors Graduate from the National War College, he retired from the Army in 1977 as a Lieutenant General. He joined Martin Marietta Aerospace, eventually becoming Vice President of Procurement; later, Corporate Vice President of Ethics. In 1977, Sammet was knighted by the King of Sweden, and in 1994 elected into the U.S. Army Ordnance Hall of Fame.”


Lieutenant General George is the author of: The Story Behind the Stories; Generally Speaking; Ethics by the Slice; and, Subcontract Management Handbook.  He is also the co-author of Defense Acquisition Management and Past in Review!


According to the book description of Past In Review!, “In this book, the authors describe their contrasting culture, heritage, and childhood years. Sammet is the son of first generation Hungarian-Americans who settled in Chicago. Green is the son of sixth generation Scotch-Irish country folks. The Green clan settled in south Alabama when it was part of the Mississippi Territory occupied by Creek Indians. The focus is on their military and aerospace defense industry experiences. Military service began after the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor and ended with their retirement in 1977. “Old” verses “new” army leadership is characterized by “warriors” versus the “politically correct.” Their assessments are candid, critical, and sometimes harsh. These old soldiers tell it like they saw it and like they did it. Photos, anecdotes, and war stories add humor and color.”


According to the book description of Ethics by the Slice, it contains “450 ethics one-liners, plus an entire course for an ethics program, company or corporation.”

The Story Behind the Stories
George Jr. Sammet  More Info

Ethics by the Slice
George Sammet  More Info

Generally Speaking
George Sammet  More Info
Subcontract Management Handbook
George Sammet  More Info
Defense Acquisition Management
George Sammet  More Info
Pass/t In Review
David E. Green  More Info

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