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George Macon Shuffer Jr.

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Brigadier General George Macon Shuffer Jr., USA (ret.) is the author of My Journey to Betterment: An Autobiography. The MOAA said of the book, “From private to brigadier general, from victim of racial prejudice to architect of U.S. Army integration, Shuffer travels virtually uncharted areas in his autobiography. Born into poverty in Klan-ridden east Texas, Shuffer rose through the ranks of the U.S. Army. He became the commander of the “Double Devils (2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry , 1st Infantry Division), which was victorious in two Vietnam Battles, policy advisor to the Defense Department, and innovator of programs improving the peacetime army. This is also a private story, one of spiritual searching and of conversion to the Roman Catholic Church. It is a story of a remarkable journey and one to inspire all Americans.”

My Journey to Betterment: An Autobiography
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One reader of My Journey to Betterment: An Autobiography said, “I found this book to be truly inspirational. General Shuffer takes you on a fast- paced journey from his roots in Klan-ridden east Texas to service as a Catholic Deacon in west Texas. In between was 35 years of Army Infantry in which he went from Private to General, Fought in 3 wars on the front line and had 11 kids in his spare time. He shares too his conversion to the Catholic faith. Enjoyable reading- I highly recommend this book.”

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