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Gary Jacobson

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Gary Jacobson “served with 1st Platoon B Co 2nd/7th 1st Air Cavalry '66 - '67, as a combat infantryman ... we called ourselves "Grunts," operating out of LZ Betty near beautiful downtown Phan Thiet, Vietnam. Mine was the same unit as depicted in the Mel Gibson movie, "We Were Soldiers," only one year later. If you haven't seen it ... do! It's great! Vietnam changed us all indelibly and forever. I'm now on 100% disability rating with an extra hole in my head, covered by a 3X4 inch plate, shrapnel the size of a quarter imbedded three inches into my brain...this all compliments of a trip wire booby trap that triggered a grenade, that in turn detonated an artillery round ... and in the process completely ruined my whole day ... April, 22, 1967, in the boonies near Phan Rang.” Gary Jacobsen is the author of Just a Walk in the Park and My Thousand Yard Stare.

Gary Jacobsen said of Just A Walk In The Park, “my newest book fresh off the presses, a novel packed with beaucoup truth from my memoirs, blended with facts happening to myself, or soldiers just over the hill ... creative nonfiction, with over 150 color pictures I took in combat action.”

According to the book description of My Thousand Yard Stare, “Poems of war in Vietnam and Iraq, by Gary Jacobson, 272 pages to tug at the heart and stimulate the spirit of healing and remembrance, with touching words of one who has been there/done that. My Thousand Yard Stare contains over 200 color pictures and graphics.”

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