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Gary E. Brosch

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Lieutenant Colonel Gary E. Brosch, USA (ret.) “was an as Army officer for 26 years. During the latter half of the Cold War he planned and performed Special Forces operations, and covert and clandestine intelligence, counterintelligence and counterrorist operations on four continents. Later in his career Gary served on Director for Central Intellligence (DCI) policy-making committees where he assisted in formulating national policies for his operational specialties. Gary's second incarnation was as a successful small business owner. He consulted with some of the largest American and multinational corporations concerning their respective competitive postures, and on their long-term strategic business development activities. He is beginning his third incarnation as a fiction writer” Lieutenant Colonel Gary Brosch is the author of Yahuti.


According to the book description of Yahuti, “Employing fiction to brush against the super-sensitive topic of America's POWs & MIAs, Gary Brosch introduces us to Yahuti, his first book of an unusual and unsettling drama series. The life of Yahuti's main character, Douglas Mallory aka Michael Howell, represents Brosch's fictional postulation about one of the darker sides of war: What might happen when men disappear without a trace into the maelstrom of international conflict - and survive? Where were they? Who controlled them? What were they made to do? What might be the circumstance of their return decades later?

Yahuti: The Man Who Is Not Here, With Hands Upon Our Shoulder, speaking in our ear
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Yahuti is the story of Douglas Mallory told mainly by him. It is, in fact, only the beginning of Mallory's story, the totality of which overwhelms the imagination as well as the capacity of a single book. This is not a story intended to leave the reader in comfort. The very nature of it prickles taboos attendant to possible disposition of some of America's wartime Missing In Action and Killed In Action.”

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