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Fred Steen

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First Sergeant Fred Steen, USA (ret.) served 30 years in the United States Army, including three tours in Vietnam.  His service included being the First Sergeant of the “Infantry rifle company code named “Black Knight Alfa.”  Fred Steen is the author of Black Knight Alfa: The Most Feared Infantry Unit; Team Shaka: Long Range Recon Patrol; and, Bluesman.

According to the book description of Black Knight Alfa: The Most Feared Infantry Unit, “Sergeant Fred Steen served in Vietnam with the notorious Infantry Rifle Company, "Black Knight Alfa," also known as "The Dragon Slayers." Tough, disciplined and unpredictable, "Black Knight Alfa" were so feared by the Vietcong that then warned their own soldiers against engaging them in combat. This is the story of war at its toughest, of a special American fighting unit, "mean as junkyard dogs'' fighting against all odds and winning.”


According to the book description of Team Shaka: Long Range Recon Patrol, “From the publisher:  This hard hitting authentic thriller is based on the true story of the US First Cavalry LURP Team sent on a mission behind enemy lines to break a plot that involved the distribution of several tonnes of uncut heroin freely amongst US soldiers in S. Vietnam. According to recently released CIA documents, those implicated in the plot included the Chinese and Russians as well as the Vietcong.”


According to the book description of Bluesman, it “is the story of a young man whose dream is to play, sing and preach the blues. It is the story of how it began for him on the cotton plantations of the deep South in the 1940s, about his growing up to pay his dues, about reaching up and grabbing iron to board the freight train north to the Promised Land of Chicago, about turning to the Hoo Doo woman when in trouble, about hearing the hammers ringing on the chain gang and of how sometimes the devil just wouldn't ever seem to let him go. But more than telling about the life and times of one Roosevelt Lincoln Washington, aka Delta Sonny, Bluesman is the story about a tradition of living music, which was as much a part of peoples' everyday lives as the air they breathed. A celebration of life, its joys and suffering, as it was sung in the Blues.”

Black Knight Alfa: The Most Feared Infantry Unit
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Team Shaka/Long Range Recon Patrol
Fred Steen  More Info

Fred Steen  More Info

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