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Frank Maresca

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Frank W. Maresca "was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. He spent 3 years in in service during WWII before being honorably discharged following a life threating war injury. Frank Maresca is very active in his local Allentown, PA veterans chapter and enjoys speaking to high school students about the war. Frank Maresca was awarded a Purple Heart by the United States government and bestowed the Legion of Honor by the French government." Frank Maresca is the author of A Soldier's Odyssey: To Remember Our Past as It Was.

According to the book description of A Soldier's Odyssey: To Remember Our Past as It Was, "How the author adapted to his new surroundings. The drama wrapped around the six hour pass obtained at Shanks to go home to see his folks. The trip across the tempestuous North Atlantic, and the nine days sick at sea! Time spent in a dingy campsite on a bleak coast of Wales, UK. Suffered from a nameless fear aboard the ill fated Leopoldville. Transported in 40/8s. In Liege's rail yards was attacked by "Buzz Bombs". Slept in a private home for the night. Marched nearly all of the next day. His company was hit by its own artillery (friendly fire) with devastating consequences."

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