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Frank Fujita

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Sergeant Frank Fujita was a member of the 2D Battalion, 131st Field Artillery, Texas National Guard during World War II.  He is a co-author of his autobiographical account of his World War Two experiences: Foo: A Japanese-American Prisoner of the Rising Sun : The Secret Prison Diary of Frank 'Foo' Fujita.  


The Library Journal noted, “Along with others of his Texas National Guard battalion, Sgt. Frank ("Foo") Fujita was taken prisoner in the Netherlands East Indies in 1942. He was the only Japanese-American combat soldier captured by the Japanese in WW II. During his three-and-a-half year incarceration, Fujita kept a diary, on which this exceptionally interesting memoir is based. He also recounts the suspenseful period when he managed to elude the Japanese while Dutch colonials betrayed GIs to the invaders. Fujita's account of POW life in Japan, his prisoner's view of the B-29 raids on Tokyo, and the story of his liberation, return to civilian life and career as an illustrator with the Air Force are told in vivid and memorable detail. Readers will be impressed with Fujita's ebullience and humor that persisted despite the prolonged ordeal he underwent. A gifted illustrator and cartoonist, his artwork from the period gracefully illuminates the narrative.”

Foo : A Japanese-American Prisoner of the Rising Sun : The Secret Prison Diary of Frank 'Foo' Fujita (War and the Southwest Series, No 1)
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