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Edward F. Fitzgerald

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Edward F. Fitzgerald, J.D. served with the US Army Special Forces.  After his service, in 1965, he was admitted to the Massachusetts Bar. A successful criminal and civil trial attorney, Edward F. Fitzgerald is the author: of Intoxication Test Evidence: Criminal and Civil; and, Bank's Bandits.


According to the book description of Bank's Bandits, it “relates the birth of the Green Berets and the coming of age in the army of James Fitzpatrick. It moves from 1950s Boston to Indiantown Gap, through Jump School and on into Special Forces. With James and his A-team we discover the fearful thrills of night jumps, the rigors of survival problems and of unconventional warfare, of stealing "aggressor" rations, of hitting "targets of opportunity," of running one half step ahead of the angry 82nd, and the hilarious complexities of raising a local army in the Georgia mountains. The authentic, never-before-told story of Aaron Bank's "originals" in action.”

Bank's Bandits (AKA Banks Bandits)
Edward F. Fitzgerald  More Info
Intoxication test evidence: Criminal and civil (Criminal law library)
Edward F Fitzgerald  More Info

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