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David Baillie

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David Baillie was raised and educated in New York and Massachusetts. Baillie left high school to enlist in the US Army, under age, and later become an infantry instructor at Fort Benning. David Ballie did several tours of duty in Korea. Following the war, he served with the New York State National Guard and the Army Reserves; completing 30 years of service. Taking advantage of the GI Bill, Baillie continued his education and earned degrees in counseling and education.  David Baillie is the author of Line Kansas: Memories of Korea 1950 to 1958.


According to the book description of Line Kansas: Memories of Korea 1950 to 1958, “Short stories and personal accounts of the authors years in Korea from while in US Army. Some 30+ photos taken by author and some poems Written by author; and others about the military. First hand accounts of some of the less known facts and events that take place in and around these times.”

According to a reader of Line Kansas: Memories of Korea 1950 to 1958, “Few young people today know anything at all about either the Korean War or the men who fought there. In his memoir "Line Kansas - Memories Of Korea 1950-1958," author and combat veteran, David Baillie, gives us one soldier's view of that "forgotten war." The book is filled with many short and easy to read stories of his own experiences in Korea; while also touching on his basic training and his travels to get to Korea.


I read David Baillie's book in one sitting and found myself totally engrossed in his personal tale. He writes about things in and out of combat from Donut Dollies and Bob Hope to being shot at and enduring the cold winter snow. His book chronicles a period of history that has been given very little attention even when it was going on. His life experiences in the book are sometimes light hearted but most of the time they are understated events from the author's memories and nightmares.


Baillie mixes in some of his poetry and prose between short little stories of his time in Korea. The mix works well and there is lots of emotional energy that flows though his entire book. He does well at preserving a part of that historic time through his own personal story. This book should be read by more than just older veterans but by younger generations so that they can fully appreciate what these men did and what they sacrificed.”

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