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Bidwell Moore

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Colonel Bidwell Moore, USA (ret.) “graduated from the Punahou School in Honolulu in 1935 and West Point in 1940. Assigned to the 26th Infantry as an anti-tank platoon leader, Moore remained with the regiment, an element of the 1st Infantry Division, until July 1944 when he was transferred to the 5th Field Artillery Battalion, also an element of the 1st Division.   Bidwell Moore served with the “1st Division throughout World War II: Kasserine, Omaha Beach, the Battle of the Bulge were signal actions. Subsequently, he was an assistant military attaché in Switzerland and held several Washington intelligence posts.”


Bidwell Moore is the author of: American Eagle; As Long as Tomorrow; The Black Pearl; A Bow to Malthus; Caribbean Holiday and Steel Shards.


According to the book description of Steel Shards, “This WWII novel tells it like it was. Stripped of propaganda, the conduct and character of the Americans, British, French, and Germans are depicted with searchlight clarity through the experiences of Captain Kimbro Sawyer, CO of an anti-tank company. Action begins in August 1942 with the New York embarkation of Sawyer’s division, the Big Red One, aboard the Queen Mary. Training in England is relieved by his friendship with the beauteous Nadine Denis and the ploys developed by Nadine’s cousin, Major Depshan, to mislead the Germans in regard to the employment of these first American troops to arrive in the theater. Both Nadine and Sawyer have German connections. In her case, serious entanglement. Action from the perspective of a young Afrika Korps officer, Sawyer’s cousin, is juxtaposed with 1st Division fighting against the French in Algeria, later the Germans in Tunisia. The decorated and promoted Sawyer is sent home to sell bonds, returns to England where the 1st Division and many other units are preparing for the assault on Festung Europa. Meanwhile Nadine’s regretted German nemesis slips into England to pressure her into divulging information on the details of the coming invasion. The struggle that develops between Sawyer and the Abwehr agent culminates with D-Day, after which the action moves to Normandy, Paris and the Bulge.”


According to a reader of American Eagle, it “is a gripping political thriller by Bidwell Moore. The novel presents a fascinating account of the fierce campaigning that takes place in the time preceding the U.S. presidential elections. Candidly portraying the dirt and grime of politics, Bidwell writes of power hungry politicians and money-wielding businessmen who play the deadly game of politics to suit their own ends.”


According to the book description of The Black Pearl, “Nineteen thirty-nine Hawaii: two Hollywood actresses, the artillery brigade's handsomest officer and finest polo player, the polo player's beautiful wife, a Japanese carrier pilot who is sketching the aerial approach to Pearl Harbor, and the captain of the sketcher's sampan unite in a mélange of passionate encounters that find coherence in the symbology of a Tahitian black pearl. Sidelights are the gold mesh necklace concealed in the God Kane's chest and the emerald cut diamond lost in the sand of the officer's beach Waialua.”


According to the book description of Caribbean Holiday, “Sextus Duncan is recruited by Mideast interests to abduct his wealthy half-brother, Gus Bishop. Intermingled with this tale of arrogant greed are Bishop's women, the blacks of St. Kitts and the Bahamas, as well as gentle dolphins and dangerous mako sharks.”

The Black Pearl
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Steel Shards
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Caribbean Holiday
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American Eagle
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A Bow To Malthus
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As long as tomorrow
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According to the book description of A Bow to Malthus, “With the late twenty-first century development of a practical ion-propulsion rocket engine capable of speeds in the neighborhood of speed-of-light, America was ready for its first cautious steps into space exploration. At circa 4.2 light years from the sun, Alpha Centauri is the Solar System's nearest neighbor in the Milky Way Galaxy, a two hundred billion star conglomerate arranged in a flat spiral estimated to have a width of 100 thousand light years with a depth of 10 thousand light years. Army major Henry Collier and five crew hoped to find life on one of the six probe-identified planets of their destination star. The chosen planet was much the same as Earth in size and distance from its star, conditions necessary to the development of the sort of flora and fauna we know on Earth. These assumptions follow from man's analysis of the known Universe, its commonly found 97/98 elements, and their physical reaction to one another. The jackpot was the great fortune in finding a planetary match with the Earthling's first cast into space's mysterious depths. However, the life that Collier and Doctor Grace Fielding found was almost too rich for their blood. After depositing Collier and his doctor colleague in open scrub country; for safety, collier sent the lander back to the mothership. A prescient action. Ten minutes following the lander's departure, Grace and Collier were prisoners of a mounted troop of barbarians. Meanwhile, more civilized portions of the planet Trello were preparing for war that would bring its two major powers into a struggle for dominance.”

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