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Bart E. Womack

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Command Sergeant Major Bart E. Womack, USA (ret.) “is the recipient of two Bronze Stars, one for Valor. He has served the United States Army with distinction for nearly three decades as a professional soldier who is truly a tactical and technical expert, combined with the dedication and discipline associated with only the finest America has to offer. His maturity, expertise, and personal dedication to excellence have contributed immeasurably to the readiness of the United States Army and the security of our Great Nation.


Since his retirement, Womack has worked in the entertainment industry, both as an actor and a Military Technical Advisor for feature films and television. He spent 18 months in Afghanistan training the Afghanistan National Army, as well as time in Nigeria, as part of the African Contingency Operation training that country's Army. He works with returning Veterans in the Saddles for Soldiers program that uses horses to help Veterans and their families better cope with the trauma and stressors that often come with returning from combat and readjusting to civilian life. He now proudly adds the title of 'Author' to his resume. Command Sergeant Major Bart E. Womack is the author of Embedded Enemy: The Insider Threat.

According to the book description of Embedded Enemy: The Insider Threat, “Shortly after deploying for the war in Iraq, an unprecedented attack was about to take place; the first of it's kind in U.S. military history. Embedded Enemy is the true story of the deadly attack against the men and women of Headquarters and Headquarters Company First Brigade, 101st Airborne Division. The Bastogne Brigade was staged at Camp Pennsylvania in Kuwait where they prepared for combat. During the early morning hours of 23 March 2003, a fellow American soldier, Sergeant Hasan Akbar, executed the unthinkable by throwing hand grenades into his Chain of Command's tents. He then followed up with small-arms fire while his Commanding Officers slept in preparation for war.”


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