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Andy J. Byers

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Lieutenant Colonel Andy J. Byers, USA (ret.) is the author of The Imperfect Spy: The Inside Story of a Convicted Spy.  According to the book description it “is the inside story of George Trofimoff, an American civil servant and army reserve colonel, convicted in 2001 of spying for the Soviet Union throughout the Cold War. It is a story of betrayal, greed, and treachery at an almost incomprehensible level. It begins with Trofimoff's early years as a Russian refuge living in pre-World War II Germany, and continues throughout the remarkable series of coincidences that converged to give him a new life and made him an American citizen. It follows Trofimoff's life as he advanced in the American intelligence community through positions of increasing responsibility, and his unlikely recruitment by a Russian Orthodox Priest, Trofimoff's step-brother, as a spy for the Soviet Union. It ends with his arrest, trial, and conviction for espionage. The Imperfect Spy is a remarkably complete look at the life of a spy, told from both Trofimoff's point-of-view and from the trial record. The author's unique access to Trofimoff's wife's comments, Trofimoff's writings, and from the author's personal observation over a five year period, combine to create a remarkably intimate look at a very public event.”

The Midwest Book Review said of The Imperfect Spy: The Inside Story Of A Convicted Spy by Andy J. Byers, it “is the incredible biography of the life of one of the Soviet Unions greatest spies during the Cold War. Having suffered through refugee camps at a young age, George Trofimoff miraculously made his way to America. As his citizenship progressed, so did his position the in American intelligence community, giving him ideal placement for an eventual career in espionage for the Soviet Union. Very strongly recommended reading for its highly intriguing content and perfectly twisting plot, The Imperfect Spy is the perfect addition to all Cold War Studies collections for historians, students, and non-specialist general readers with an interest in espionage and the Cold War conflict.”

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