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Alex H. Richardson

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Alex H. Richardson grew up in Gary, Indiana.  He left at the age of 18, joining the Army where he was a military policeman.  He graduated Airborne School becoming a paratrooper, then finished his enlistment by serving in a special operations unit at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.  After his military duties he served as a patrolman on the Lake County, Indiana, Sheriff’s Department before serving over two years as an undercover detective on the Lake County Drug Task Force. Alex Richardson is the author of Lines Crossed: The True Story Of An Undercover Cop and The Corner: (Slim's Revenge).


According to the book description of Lines Crossed: The True Story Of An Undercover Cop, “When H. Richardson, a young dedicated patrolman is asked to join a group of veteran detectives he sees it as an opportunity to rise in the department. This has been his dream, to be a cop-to be a detective. He will soon learn about the streets and about the choices that forces dedicated cops over the edge-all in the name of good. He will find that sometimes it is dangerous on both sides of the line and he will take you on that journey as he crosses that line in this novel-Lines Crossed.


You are taken deep inside the inner-workings of a narcotics unit and their procedures from working with informants-to the undercover, and the arrest. Also shown is the corruption that goes on by the police and prosecutors. Richardson incorporates his personal and love life and how it is affected by his undercover work to make this and enjoyable fast-paced read.


This is a poignant tale with lessons for everyone-police officers, hustlers and the common citizen. You will learn that there are good people on the streets and behind the badge and what forces them over the edge.”

The Corner: (Slim's Revenge)
Alex H Richardson  More Info

Lines Crossed: The True Story of an Undercover Cop
Alex H Richardson  More Info

According to the book description of The Corner: (Slim's Revenge), “Slim has made millions both legally and illegally. He is about to retire from the game with the beautiful Lisa, a sista who he loves and adores. She feels the same for Slim but that love is put to the test when an old flame steps back into her life and he is rich also. Seven figure professional athlete rich. Will she succumb to the old fire that's burning or will she stay loyal?


Finally there is Myte. A sexy Latina who has a body and sex a man would kill for. She is conniving and out to get paid. Myte beds one of Slim’s most trusted men, Skills, and it doesn’t take long before she has him stealing from the crew. With the DEA and Chicago Police on everyone’s trail, Myte and the Latin Kings street gang top dog, Felix, orchestrate a heist of millions dollars from Slim—a Chicago based mob outfits millions—and it causes the death of a couple of Slims most trusted soldiers. Slim is devastated and exacts his revenge on all who weren’t loyal and no one on the streets of Chicago or Gary is safe.”

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