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William F. Sims

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Captain William F. Sims, USAF (ret.) is the author of Somalia Diary.  According to one reader, “This book recounts the experiences of Captain Sims, USAF, who served as Chief, Mogadishu International Airport Air Mobility Command Post, and Vice Commander, USAF Somalia, from September through December 1993. He lived and worked at the airport during the period of heaviest U.S. combat involvement in Somalia. He experienced first-hand the Air Force's participation in the medical evacuation of wounded and the repatriation of the remains of combat dead following a 25 September 1993 U.S. Army Black Hawk helicopter shootdown in Mogadishu, the 3-4 October 1993 Ranger battle in Bakhara Market, and the 6 October 1993 fatal attack on the Ranger's airport compound. This journal is the story of day-to-day life at Mogadishu. Excellent companion book to Black Hawk Down.”

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