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William Newton Edwards

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Lieutenant Colonel William Newton Edwards, USAF (ret.) “enlisted in the then U.S. Army Air Corps. He attended college at night during his military career, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in History from the University of Southern Mississippi.


He served as an airplane mechanic, then as an aerial navigator and bombardier on B-17's and B-29's during World War II. He became a jet fighter pilot just before the start of the Korean War. In the Vietnamese War, he flew as pilot/airborne forward air controller. He has been stationed in India, China, Mariana Islands, England, Germany, France, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Turkey and the Philippines. Among his 33 decorations are two Distinguished Flying Crosses, a Bronze Star and eight Air Medals.”


Lieutenant Colonel William Newton Edwards is the author of Twin Vendetta; The Thundergods’ Gold & House of the Fire Demon; and, The Miracle of EDSA.


According to the book description The Thundergods’ Gold & House of the Fire Demon, “As the helicopter came closer, Rick looked at Teri, Aunt Maudie, and the others, and saw the fear on their faces. The decision to stay on the Mountain until morning had been a mistake. They must do something now or the Lost Dutchman Mine would become their grave. He grabbed a Winchester and ran to the entrance, the others following. Pulling up short, Rick shielded his eyes from the sand and dirt blown by the helicopter’s rotor blades. He sidled to the wall, felt his way out the entrance. When the cloud of dust drifted away, he could see a spotlight shining down on the boulder covering the shaft. Two men were being lowered on cables. In a few minutes, they’d fasten those cables around that boulder and lift it off the opening, clearing the way for Dirk’s men to attack.”


According to the book description of Twin Vendetta, “Colonel William Edwards' Twin Vendetta is a fast-paced tale that moves from the fall of France in World War II to Allied military operations in North Africa, Sicily and Italy, then to clandestine intelligence activities behind enemy lines in France and Germany. It is the story of a young French/Canadian woman's insurmountable problems in avenging the strafing death of her twin brother by the German Luftwaffe. And it brings out the secret thoughts of a young American man who has taken up the call-to-arms to salve guilt feelings that have overwhelmed him by his German father's Nazi activities.


The protagonists complement one another as a "two-man" team of Spitfire fighter pilots in combat against German Messerschmitt fighter planes in support of Allied ground operations. Colonel Edwards highlights some of the most profound fighter and fighter-bomber combat of World War II in the Allied war effort against Hitler's military forces in North Africa, Sicily and Italy. It is also the story of her bittersweet first love with them both fearing the revelation of their innermost thoughts and identities.


She is finally unmasked during treatment for near-fatal wounds, then learns of his secret life when they travel together to war-time Germany on a critical espionage mission. This novel challenges the author's story-telling gift from beginning to end, and he is up to the challenge.”

The Miracle of EDSA
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Twin Vendetta
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According to the book description of The Miracle of EDSA, it “is a story of a mothers love, a peoples struggle for freedom, and the many Miracles which took place at a time of both near-civil war and religious devotion. When Leigh Jackson, a beautiful Filipina-American nurse, is told by her sister that the child she thought died at birth is still alive, a grown man, she travels back to the Philippines in search of her son.


Her ex-lover, Dan, comes back into her life, and they rekindle a passionate love affair. Miguel, the fierce guerrilla leader, makes Leigh an unwilling part of his small band, where she nurses the sick, but must also fight for her life in hand-to-hand combat. General Navarro, Leighs evil antagonist, causes her and countless others to suffer torture in his infamous dungeons. Virgil, Leighs heroic young nephew, who believes that prayer can stop tanks, leads the non-violent resistance to the government. Marci and Paulita are courageous women freedom fighters who prove that not only men can risk death in a great cause.


This powerful tale of miracles great and small is based upon real events that took place during the Filipino peoples uprising against tyranny. As Leigh searches for a second chance at motherhood, and a renewal of the deep love she and Dan had once known, she learns to fight, to survive, and most importantly of all, to believe. The result of her quest is a symbol of peace and redemption in the midst of war.”

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