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Richard M. Ransom

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Lieutenant Colonel Richard M. Ransom, USA (ret.), “after serving in the military in a wide variety of positions for twenty-two years, Richard M. Ransom retired in 1965 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Following that, he worked in defense industry jobs for three years before opening his own retail store, which he managed for twenty-four years before retiring again. An avid golfer, Ransom enjoys reading and attending performing arts presentations.”  Lieutenant Colonel Richard M. Ransom is the author of By Land, Sea, and Air: Adventures In and Out of the Air Force.


According to the book description of By Land, Sea, and Air: Adventures In and Out of the Air Force, “Sometimes it is all too easy to see a senior citizen and fail to consider the life they have led. But for those born in the early twentieth century, the lives were nothing short of extraordinary, if only because each one of them experienced advances and changes that altered the face of the planet forever. There may never be another generation who will experience change and development on the scale of the twentieth century and when that is remembered, and those who lived it tell their stories, it is riveting.

Lt. Col. Richard M. Ransom is one such man, and he shares his tale in his autobiography, "By Land, Sea, and Air: Adventures In and Out of the Air Force." Born in 1916, he has experienced more in one lifetime than many could hope to do in several. He survived the Great Depression and World War II. He witnessed such historical events as the Cuban missile crisis and the moon landing. He was raised on a farm with no electricity or running water, yet lives now in a world supported by computer technology. He worked on the open seas and as a fire-spotter in the California forests before beginning a career in the military. His has been a multi-faceted life full of challenges and successes, joys and sorrows, all played out against a backdrop of a world stage changing in epic proportions.

A tale from a member of the greatest generation, "By Land, Sea, and Air" is a story of one man and one nation moving together toward maturity.”

By Land, Sea and Air: Adventures In and Out of the Air Force
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One reader of By Land, Sea, and Air: Adventures In and Out of the Air Force said, “Here is an exciting memoir of a seasoned Military man, who had a great adventure before entering the military, then for years with the military rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Learn how he flew missions for SAC, the Strategic Air Command, his memories of the Cuban missile crisis, and much more. Here is what the right stuff is all about. A great read, and once you've picked up the book, you won't be able to put it down.”

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