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Lou Fulgaro

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Lou Fulgaro, a past member of the prestigious Chicago Crime Commission, pilot by passion, police officer and licensed private detective by vocation, he dabbled in investigations to the age of seventy-one.

In the early months of the Korean War, Lou Fulgaro enlisted in the Air Force for four years and relates the experience as a Korean combat veteran and the place where he grew up. When the war ended, before his enlistment was up, he stayed on and became acquainted with Air Police work. Honorably discharged he came home with four medals that he describes as insignificant and began a career in law enforcement.

Most of his twenty-six years as a police officer were spent on the street as a Detective Sergeant and he retired as a Deputy Chief from the Village of Downers Grove IL. For ten years he was a private detective in four Midwest states and he dabbled in investigations for a second ten years in eight Southeast states.

He has owned several aircraft from a 175 HP cabin Fairchild, (The R46 and Little Louie) up to a 3400 HP twin engine B-25, (Barbie III and Company). His latest book, (Giants Over Korea: A Sky Too Far) takes the reader to the early B-29 air war over North Korea with remarkable depth and frightening detail.

Lou Fulgaro is the author of The R46 and Little Louie; Barbie III and Company; Giants Over Korea: A Sky Too Far; Poke Probe Pry and Peek; and, Turns Around A Point.

According to the book description, Poke Probe Pry and Peek, is “The realistic world of an authentic licensed private detective.” Someday like to become a licensed PI? Want to become a better PI? How about succeeding as a businessperson? This book will put you there. Just like to read about PI work? Never before told case experiences. How to get there, what to do once you’re there and how to stay there. All told in hard-hitting words by the author who was licensed in four Midwest states for ten years and then ten more years as an independent contractor for insurance companies in eight South Eastern states. He knows what it takes to get started, to the presentation of a savvy businessperson, to staying out of jail. With 26 years in law enforcement prior to his PI vocation, he spent 17 years on the street as a Detective Sergeant. He retired as a Deputy Chief and brings to this, his fourth book, the street skills, management experience, and business talent needed to succeed as a PI, or any vocation for that matter. The author shares his “can-do” upbeat attitude with his readers with remarkable depth and sincerity.”

According to the book description of Turns Around A Point, “This is the author's fifth book. It is a collection of his magazine articles accepted for publication over the past two years in the United States and Europe. His readers immerse themselves in the cockpit with him experiencing the sensations, the thoughts and the exhilaration. When he steps outside the cockpit and gives his strong opinions on the subject of aviation, you may not agree with him, but you will know exactly where he is coming from. That these articles were accepted for publication and read by hundreds of thousands of aviation-like people worldwide attests to the quality of his prose.”


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Giants Over Korea: A Sky Too Far
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The R46 and Little Louie
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Poke Probe Pry and Peek: Detecting the Detectable
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One reader of Giants Over Korea: A Sky Too Far said, “Giants over Korea details the dangerous flights over hostile territory during the Korean conflict. Fulgaro details the harrowing missions of the lumbering WWII vintage bombers in their deadly cat and mouse games with fast Chinese MIG jet fighters. Very technical but still an easy read. The author effectively uses great photographs and original news articles in the book.”

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