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John H. Briant

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John H. Briant was born in Theresa, New York. He served three years and three months with the 27th Infantry Division, 108th Infantry, until 1950, when he entered the U.S. Air Force, during the Korean War.  In 1953 he became a member of the New York State Police, where he served in Troop "D" and in Troop "B."  He was a Station Commander from 1960-1963.  His fascinating autobiography, “One Cop’s Story: A Life Remembered,” details his life and service with the New York State Police.


John H. Briant is also famous for the Adirondack detective series. The crime novels take place in the Adirondacks Mountains of New York.  The Adirondack area comprises six million acres and is larger than Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Great Smoky, and Everglades National Parks combined.  John H. Briant introduces the character of Jason Black, retired State police member and private investigator. Black, a man at the prime of middle age, works wholeheartedly for his world of small towns, long lakes, and large forests, where honest people care about and reach out to help one another.  John H. Briant has written both a frightening crime adventure and a tribute to the spirit of the Adirondack.


John H. Briant is the author of One Cop's Story: A Life Remembered; Adirondack Detective; Adirondack Detective Returns; and, Adirondack Detective, a New Beginning.


John H. Briant said of Cop's Story: A Life Remembered, it “reached and completed its fourth year on the market. It still is selling, especially to young men and women interested in the field of Law Enforcement. The book in its early publication almost made the national market, however it is still alive and well to those readers interested in the field and students participating in Criminal Justice Studies.”


One reader of Adirondack Detective said, “This book is a novel of engaging frightening crime adventures. In Private Investigator JASON BLACK, The Author a former State Police member has given us a man at the prime of middle age who works wholeheartedly for his world of small towns, long lakes, and large forests, where honest people care about and reach out to help one another. This book is a tribute to a very special place on earth and a testimony of enduring love for the connected communities that thrive there in The Adirondack Mountains of New York State. The reader will meet some of the people who live and work inside of the "Blue Line." The author, the son of a logger, will introduce you to Wilt, who carves Bears out of logs with chain saws. And, you'll meet Dale, a pilot, who flies a vintage Stinson seaplane, who sometimes takes hunters into remote areas. It is truly a special place on earth. Read it, you'll love it.”

One Cop's Story: A Life Remembered
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Adirondack Detective
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Adirondack Detective Returns
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Adirondack Detective, a New Beginning
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One reader of Adirondack Detective Returns said it “is an enjoyable, exciting, romantic follow-on to his earlier fine book 'Adirondack Detective'. As I turned the pages of 'Adirondack Detective Returns', it was like I was "going back home" to all my old "friends & Acquaintances" from 'Adirondack Detective'. Private Investigator Jason Black and his fiancée' Patty provide a subplot of love, blossoming in the Adirondacks, while Jason propels himself into the thrilling main plot - the case of the 'Arizona - New York' connection. And along the way, author John Briant weaves us through a number of subplots that just add spice and excitement to the main dialogue and the anticipation of Jason's and Patty's budding romance.


Having lived myself in the Arizona desert areas around Casa Grande, as well as in the Utica, NY area with the prestigious Adirondack Mountains Park a short journey North, I could immerse into Briant's story like I was one of the characters myself - it is that real and engrossing! John Briant weaves his story so well, while paying homage to the hearty people and places of the great Adirondack Park. From Dale and his piloting adventures, to John & Lila at the diner, to friendly Wilt Chambers and logger Charlie Perkins - all make you feel at home in the Adirondack North land - it's like you're part of the 'gang' as you read along. And John Briant also introduces us to many new characters (on both sides of the law!). All in all its a great read and I highly recommend 'Adirondack Detective Returns' to anyone who wants to curl up in an easy chair or rock on a porch swing while venturing into a few hours of Adirondack excitement! My hat is off to you Mr. Briant - I hope you have many more stories for us involving this great cast of characters in the beautiful God's Country inside the Adirondack Blue Line!”

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