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Harold Grant Macaw

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Colonel Harold Grant Macaw, USAF “has been writing professionally for over twenty years: as a military intelligence officer from the Cold War to the era of 'Space War', and as a consultant with an international information, business and technology firm. Raised in California, Grant earned a BA with Honors from California State University, an MSA in Government Administration from the George Washing University, D.C., and is a Distinguished Graduate of the Air Force Air War College.  Harold G. Macaw is the author of The Ninth Day.


According to the book description of The Ninth Day, “Macaw's science fiction work will appeal to even the non-science fiction reader. It is a human drama that occurs in 2881 – over 800 years from now, and some 600 years after our world ended and all life on the surface perished. It is an engaging, entertaining, literary work that offers a straight-forward story as it poses the ultimate questions against the grandest backdrop of all – just who are we humans, and what is our place in the universe? It is a book for all thoughtful readers, from 15 to 80.”

The Ninth Day
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