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Francis J. Hart

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Lieutenant Colonel Francis J. Hart, USAF (ret.) “flew his first combat mission, December 13, 1943, a 71/2 hour round trip to the German seaport of Kiel. Col Joe remembers it well. Kiel was very heavily defended with flack guns as it was a major port for the German navy. The most memorable missions, beside the final trip on April 29, 1944, were during the month of February when the Eighth Air Force challenged the German Air Force for control of the air. In 6 days he flew 4 missions, 3 of the 4 were 10-hour missions.”  After the War, he continued his military career, eventually serving 26 years.  Francis J. Hart is the author of Hart Dietary Procedure Plan: Cancer, the Cure in the Food.

Hart Dietary Procedure Plan Cancer the Cure Is in Food
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The MOAA said of Hart Dietary Procedure Plan: Cancer, the Cure in the Food, “This book is written in easy-to-understand, non-medical language used in communicating with several hundreds of victims. It describes in simple terms information learned from thousands of hours of research, working with victims who have experienced successful results in following the diet, and interesting results of personal experiences and experiments. Included are foods to avoid, foods to consume, and suggested recipes.”

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