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Dean Hunter

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Lieutenant Colonel Dean Hunter, USAF (ret.) “holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from San Diego State College, a master’s degree in counseling from Ball State University, and a doctorate in educational leadership from Seattle University. He was an associate professor of aerospace studies at the University of Puget Sound, and a high school teacher and principal. Dean raced on down hill skis in Europe in the Mediterranean Sports Conference and was later the varsity ski coach at the University of Puget Sound. Dean was selected as one of the Most Outstanding Vocational Teachers in Washington State, and as the Most Outstanding Chapter Advisor in the nation for the Sigma Chi fraternity.


Dean was later inducted into the Constantine Chapter, the highest honor internationally for Sigma Chi. He served as a member of the first Air Commando Squadron, and at that time was listed as one of the highest-decorated young officers for heroism in the U.S. Air Force. His decorations include the Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star/”V” device, fourteen Air Medals, plus forty-nine other medals and awards some from foreign nations (Masthead, 3/2007).” Lieutenant Colonel Dean Hunter is the author of For Love of Life and Country.

According to the book description of For Love of Life and Country, “Hunter details his life, encapsulating the impulses, ideas, discoveries and beliefs that have formed and nurtured Americans over the past five decades. His invincible beliefs, his love of life, and devotion to his country carry him from the Boy Scouts of American through high school, into the U.S. Marine Corp’s rigorous boot camp training and on into combat in Korea. They take him to his 20-year service as an Air Force pilot, including five years as a fighter pilot in the Southeast Asia conflict.”


According to one reader of For Love of Life and Country, “The author was accidently sent to Korea as a Marine Pvt without any combat training.  After he was under fire for awhile he got the CO to return him to the states for more training. From ground pounder to fighter pilot Tremendous reading. I met him at the Palm Springs Air Museum where he was docent showing planes he had flown. You can't believe some of his experiences!”

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