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Cal Taylor

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Lieutenant Colonel Cal Taylor, USAF (ret.) “was a navigator in seven types of airplanes in 26 years of Air Force Service. Of 6,738 flying hours, 1,809 hours were flown in the C-133 in just over two years.”  He is the author of Remembering an Unsung Giant: The Douglas C-133 Cargomaster and Its People.


According to the book description of Remembering an Unsung Giant: The Douglas C-133 Cargomaster and Its People, “A detailed description of the Douglas C-133 Cargomaster by an author who served as navigator in the Cargomaster during the last two years of its 15-year AF service. A brief history of strategic airlift precedes an account of USAF proof-of-concept testing of turboprop propulsion. C-133 design, development and flight testing provide the foundation for development of air and ground crew and worldwide airlift routes. Topical chapters cover technical information, C-133 employment, support to NASA and the strategic missile force and its employment in the Vietnam War and on special missions of all kinds. Of 50 built, ten C-133s were lost in accidents. The crashes chapter gives complete details of the accidents and the most comprehensive analysis available of the reasons for the losses. Three squadrons flew the C-133 and are detailed in their own chapter, as are histories of each of the fifty airplanes built. The book concludes with a chapter on the never-built Douglas C-132, which would have been the worlds largest turboprop aircraft. More than 330 photos and illustrations show the airplanes and people. The index lists over 970 persons as well as other topics and there is an extensive bibliography. The16-page color section shows aircraft interiors and operational activities. Eight fold-out sheets contain large Douglas factory drawings and one large C-133 photograph.”

Remembering An Unsung Giant - The Douglas C-133 Cargomaster and Its People
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One reader of Remembering an Unsung Giant: The Douglas C-133 Cargomaster and Its People said, “I have over a hundred and fifty aviation books and this one is one of the very best in my collection. Cal did what few do in single plane books, he dug deep and didn't just rely on USAF histories and photos. Cal interviewed former crew members (he was a navigator on C 133s), went through news archives, even researched county legal records. No detail escaped Cal's scrutiny. You not only get a very thorough written and photographic history of the C 133's USAF and civilian career, but you learn what it was like to be a crew member. if only Cal would write a similar book about the C 97! This book is worth every penny of its price.”

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