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Burt Dodson, Jr.

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Lieutenant Colonel Burt Dodson, Jr., USAF (ret.) left home at the age of 19 “to join the U.S. Air Force. His college graduation came from the University of Nebraska-Omaha with graduate work from the University of Oklahoma. He and his wife have raised a family of seven children and traveled extensively throughout the world. He retired from the military as a Lieutenant Colonel and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina for an extended professional position in healthcare.” 


The AAMI said of Lieutenant Colonel Burt Dodson, he “authored the first biomedical equipment technician certification exam and played a leading role in the establishment and growth of AAMI’s certification programs over the years. He went on to serve as AAMI’s first non-physician president from 1978 to 1979. Dodson’s many contributions to the BMET profession were recognized in 1977 with the first SBET Lifetime Membership Award. From a 23-year career in the Air Force Medical Services, he joined the multi-hospital corporation Sunhealth (now Premier) and was the chief operating officer at retirement. Lieutenant Colonel Burt Dodson is the author of A River of Change.

According to the book description of A River of Change, “In the early 1800s, as America experienced her newfound freedom, the Mississippi River became a conduit for growth in the heart of the country. From the painful turmoil of Europe and the seed of a southern plantation family, leaders emerged along the river and exerted their energy, bringing inevitable conflict, money, power and religion. Charles Hamel came from the German Revolution, Matthew Walsh and the Archbishop Francis X. Sullivan came from the Irish Potato Famine, and Margot LaTrobe Blair came from the labyrinth of New Orleans society. Margot was the center of a family that was king of cotton, sugar, money and slavery. The three men would climb a ladder of power with conviction and belief in business enterprise, and would confront a tortuous labor union with intensely religious overtones ... and all of them had ties to the beautiful Margot. The story unfolds in New Orleans and St. Louis, two growing cities joined by the Mississippi River, as characters embroil in the boom of commerce, caveat emptor, and the struggle for power and and social finesse. The lives of these four personalities flowed like a river - leading to dominance, personal violence, pain and death. With the final climax of the bloody Civil War, the national society was transformed along with Hamel, Walsh, the Archbishop, and Margot. It was a river of change.”

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