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Boardman C. Reed

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Lieutenant Colonel Boardman C. Reed, USAF (ret.) began taking flying lessons in 1934.  According to Brian Baker (, “In 1940, Reed was accepted for the Flying Cadet Program, and went through the series of  PT-13A,  BT-9,  BC-1, and AT-6 trainers, obtaining his “wings” and a 2nd Lieutenant commission in August, 1940.  Sent to Kelly Field’s instructor school,  he instructed in AT-6’s and BC-1’s.  He managed to wangle some time in the early B-17’s, which eventually resulted in his being assigned as a B-17 pilot, winding up in the 8th Air Force as commander of the 562 Bombardment Squadron,  388th Bombardment Group (Heavy).  He did his tour on B-17F’s over Europe, and then was assigned a staff job for the remainder of the war.” Lieutenant Colonel Boardman C. Reed, USAF recounts his over 7,000 hours of flying in over 200 different types of aircraft in his memoir, Flights Forgotten…and Remembered.

The MOAA said of Flights Forgotten…and Remembered, “this is a story of a young man who became obsessed with flying and determined to become an aviator. He flew as many different types of aircraft as he could get his hands on, here in America and overseas as well. From the old stick and wire, open cockpit, fabric covered biplanes, to the flight decks of all metal monoplanes; he takes you along with him as he flies a replica of the 1912 type Curtiss Pusher, all the way to the Boeing B-50. After that, crop dusters, charters, fire-fighting planes, and finally his "baby", the 1928 Timm collegiate, a rare, open cockpit parasol.

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