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The banner leads to book written by police officers, some of whom served in the military.

Bernie Sweigart

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Bernie Sweigart escaped a childhood of poverty by joining the United States Air Force. He served for 26 years, ultimately ranking as a Chief Master Sergeant. He now serves the United States Department of State as a Diplomatic Courier and resides in the Washington, D.C., area. Bernie Sweigart co-authored the novel Two Ticket Ride with his brother, Mike Sweigart.

According to the book description of Two Ticket Ride, "twenty-four years have passed since Jake and Evelyn fell hopelessly in love and ran off together, leaving behind their families and the carnival life. Now Jake, a special forces soldier, has recently retired from the army with a sense of pride and an insufficient pension. Evelyn wants to return to the carnival life of their youth. Jake firmly opposes. Struggling to suppress memories of a rough childhood, haunting of ill-fated combat missions, and the turmoil of fitting into civilian life, Jake falls off the edge of rational thought. He befriends Sandy, who charms him into taking her away from an abusive husband. In pursuit of a more exciting life, Jake and Sandy find themselves on an unexpected quest that reveals who he is, where he belongs, and what is really important. The journey on his old Harley Davidson takes the reader on a gripping adventure that passes through hostile-fire combat, an inside look at carnival life, and across several states on the open road, steps ahead of the law as danger mounts and climactic events unfold."

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