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Ben D. Waldron

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Technical Sergeant Ben D. Waldron, USAF, was a Japanese Prisoner of War during World War II.  Sergeant Waldron married shortly after his return to the United States. He re-enlisted into the U.S. Army Air Force until 1952 at which time he was retired on disability from the duties of Technical Sergeant. He spent the next 25 years self-employed as a "GYPO" log hauler in California. He is presently working on a book about these experiences. Technical Sergeant Ben D. Waldron is the author of Corregidor: From Paradise to Hell!

According to the book description of Corregidor: From Paradise to Hell! “Ben is one of those millions of young men who were children of the great depression. His narrative takes the reader through five years of his life, from 1940 to 1945. It tells of his transition from a normal naive teenager to a battle-hardened soldier fighting a losing battle on Corregidor, and then suffering the harsh, inhumane indignities heaped upon him as a prisoner of war when the Philippine Islands were surrendered to the Japanese Forces on May 6, 1942.


This is a story of survival. How does one survive three and a half years as a POW under a brutal enemy? It shows how an American boy becomes a man by adjusting to a completely foreign environment, every day meeting the daily hardships, obstacles and challenges served up by the unfeeling captor.”

One reader of Corregidor: From Paradise to Hell! said, “This is a book written by my uncle Ben Waldron. His experiences from the age of 18 to over 22 years old while being a prisoner in a Japanese prison camp is factual in detail from a diary he secretly kept for 4 years. This is a piece of history that the young people of the US should learn from. After reading, his account of treatment as a POW for 4 years nothing can compare to POW's sacrifice as a soldier for his country. What is happening in the world today is tragic but it hasn't continued for four years. What kept these men going and surviving unbelievable treatment should be studied by our Military. What price freedom is explained in this book. Our county owes those men who died and lived through this chapter in our history the price of freedom we enjoy today. As a parent this book is required reading for your son, the experience of what others went through for us.”

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