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Travis Bruyer

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Travis Bruyer began his Law Enforcement career by joining the US Coast Guard in 1991. He was assigned to a small boat search and rescue unit in the San Francisco Bay area where he began as a rescue swimmer and boarding officer.

Mr. Bruyer was assigned to the Detective Division of the Flathead Valley Montana Sheriffs Department in 2005, as the Alcohol Enforcement Team Coordinator (AET). At that time, the Flathead Valley claimed one of the highest youth underage drinking rates in the United States. Establishing a model Alcohol Enforcement Team, the Flathead began an all out assault on illegal alcohol use. Utilizing the most successful environmental and legal strategies, and working in conjunction with the Underage Drinking Enforcement Training Center, The program has become widely viewed as a nationwide community model.  . Travis will be responsible for helping communities establish law enforcement priorities to fight underage drinking and to establish a community Alcohol Enforcement Team (AET).

Since 2005, the Flathead County Alcohol Enforcement Team has received national recognition for its efforts in addressing the issue of underage drinking, by the Office of Juvenile Justice, the Underage Drinking Enforcement Training Center, and the American Council on Criminal Justice Training. The AET increased the Flathead Valley's Compliance Rate from 40% - 70% within the first year of implementation. Nearly four thousand underage drinking arrests have made since the inception of the Flathead AET.

Travis’ duties have included, scheduling and coordinating AET TEAM officers for Compliance Checks of business, Party/DUI Patrols, alcohol related follow up investigations and educating outlets and establishments and beverage providers for responsible alcohol sales.

Travis Bruyer recently accepted a Board Member's position with the American Athletic Institute in New York, to head their “Legal Ramifications and Law Enforcement Training Division”. AAI Founder and President John Underwood had this to say of Travis Bruyer……

In getting to know Travis Bruyer, over the past few years, I see an individual committed to the highest level focus in fighting the greatest threat facing our youth,  that  being underage drinking.  We are proud to have Travis add another valuable perspective for any community, by sharing the most successful environmental and law enforcement strategies. His shining example will empower many to make this fight against underage drinking a priority.  Travis will also be responsible for educating communities on how to implement Social Host Laws and Ordinances”.

Travis speaks to focus groups including Court Officers, Justices, Judges, District Attorneys, Prosecutors, Multi Jurisdictional Law Enforcement Groups, School District Officials, School Resource Officers (SRO’s) communities and youth, concerning the legal ramifications for negative youth behavior and how such conduct affects those individuals and their community.  He is also a trainer in the AAI’s “Life of an Athlete” program, which is the foundation of AAI.

Travis is a nationally recognized speaker on environmental strategies for the enforcement of underage drinking laws and has been recognized by the  Montana Board of Crime Control, the Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention, PIRE and the Underage Drinking Enforcement Training Center.

Travis Bruyer is the author of The Legal Survival Guide for Students.  According to the book description, "From the perspective of a Law Enforcement Officer, this guide is designed to help students and their families understand the legal ramifications of risky and illegal behavior commonly committed by youth.  The advice is straight forward and to
the point, providing valuable information on a variety of topics, including the arrest process and hiring an attorney. The Guide also provides answers to many Frequently Asked Questions & explains what to expect if charged with a crime."

The book can be ordered via Scott Publishing Company, 1-800-628-0212 or



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