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Military servicemembers at the rank of O7 who have written books.

Peter B. Booth, USN

Joseph Callo, USN

J.F. Cronin, USMC

Francis Dillon, USAF

Edmund L. DuBois, USA

John S. D. Eisenhower, USA

Jeffrey W. Foley, USA

Jack Grubbs, USA

Jerome T. Hagen, USMC

Michael Wayne Hall, USA

Nick Halley, USA

Russell D. Howard, USA

Albin F. Irzyk, USA

Douglas Kinnard, USA

William P. Lawrence, USN

Edwin T. Layton, USN

Harold G. Moore, USA

Samuel Eliot Morison, USN

Dorothy B. Pocklington, USA

Floyd N. Radike, USA

John R. Scales, USA

George Macon Shuffer, Jr., USA

Edwin Howard Simmons USMC

In the Name of Church
Edmund DuBois  More Info

Selected books by Military personnel at the rank of O7.

Dog Company Six: A Novel (Bluejacket Books) (Blue Jacket Books)
Edwin Howard Simmons  More Info

We Were Soldiers Once...And Young: Ia Drang: The Battle That Changed the War In Vietnam
Harold G. Moore  More Info

Legacy of Leadership: Lessons from Admiral Lord Nelson
Joseph F. Callo  More Info

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