A Concise History of American Policing
Raymond Foster  More Info

Leadership: Texas Hold 'Em Style
Andrew J. Harvey  More Info



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William Butler, USA

Eric Briggs, USA

Michael Patrick Cooney, USA

Noah B. Dillion, USA

Frank Fujita, USA

Jim Heitmeyer, USA

Kenneth J. Herrmann, Jr., USA

Donald B. Hutton, USCG

Bob King, USA

Tom Kovach, USAF

Lisa Lockwood, USAF

Jack R. Lundquist, USA

Louis Enrique Martinez, USA

Peter Nealen, USMC

Michael Norman, USMC

Edward Pinhey, USN

John Podlaski, USA

Thomas Robison, USA

Robert J. Sadler, USA

Larry Schliessmann

Joel F. Shults, USAF

Robert S. Stering, USAF(r)

Patrick Thibeault, USA

Michael Volkin, USA

Garth "Gary" Wean, USN

James Harper Walker, USA

Ronald Winter, USMC

Selected books by servicemembers at the rank of E5.

Barron's Guide to Military Careers
Donald B. Hutton  More Info

SIGNAL 13: Chronicles of a Calvert Trooper
S. Eric Briggs  More Info

Lockdown Madness
Jim Daly  More Info

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