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William Jackson Barnard

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Captain William Jackson Barnard, USN (ret.) is the author of Eagle Wings and Mustang Tales: A Boy Who Was Born to Fly. According to the book description, “Bill Barnard lived many of the great events of the 20th century. At 17, he joined the Depression navy. He sailed to Japanese-occupied China and saw, heard, smelled, tasted, and felt more than many do in a lifetime. Later, he was under the Hindenburg when it exploded. He flew 11,000 hours in every kind of plane, in combat and foul weather, and never bent a wingtip. A "mustang", Bill was one of only 15 enlisted pilots to ever earn a Captain's eagle wings. He met Presidents, aviation pioneers, astronauts, and movie stars in his 40-year aviation career.”

Eagle Wings and Mustang Tales
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