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Thomas Paul Terlizzi

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Commander Thomas Paul Terlizzi, USN (ret.) “served in the US Navy, 1965-1993. He retired as a Commander, in Naval Intelligence, and taught social studies in high school and college until 2005. The catalyst for the novel KILO SIERRA was his tour aboard USS MIDWAY, 1971-74, while attached to Fighter Squadron 161 -- one of the most famous F-4 Phantom squadrons of the Vietnam War. He later served aboard two other carriers; USS Independence, and USS America; the latter in the Persian Gulf during the 1990-1991 Gulf War, for which he was awarded the Bronze Star.”  Commander Thomas Paul Terlizzi is the author of Kilo Sierra.


One reader of Kilo Sierra said, “The author weaves an action packed yarn around aircraft carrier operations during the final stages of the Vietnam War. He accurately portrays and describes the physical and emotional environment of Navy carrier based squadron personnel at war and play.


His description of aerial combat and carrier flight operations may cause palms to sweat. His stories of the time spent relaxing ashore in the Philippines, Hong Kong, etc., may bring joyous tears of remembrance to those who were there and laughter to those who weren't. His focus on the personal life of his characters, their honor, love, and sacrifice, will remind some of why they serve and lift the spirit of others.


Though names are changed, it is obvious to anyone who served with the author that the deployment he writes about is the one they were on. The general events are only fictionalized versions of the real deal. I know, because I was there. The phrase, "Kilo Sierra" is an expression formed from the phonetic initials of a Navy saying. Sierra Hotel is another expression meaning "very good" (or words to that effect).”

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According to the book description of Kilo Sierra, it “is a sea story, a Navy story, and a love story set against the background of American and Asian culture in 1972. KILO SIERRA blends Vietnam combat action, antics of sailors on liberty, the hand of fate, and the power of love and friendships. KILO SIERRA takes the reader to the mountains of Colorado, jungles of Southeast Asia, and the city streets of the Philippines, Japan, and Hong Kong.

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