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Stephen Krueger

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Commander Stephen Krueger, USN (ret.) “was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and grew up in Belize. In 1976 he joined the U.S. Navy as a Seaman Recruit at the age of 18. While in the Navy he served onboard submarines and at submarine commands for more than 20 years. He was advanced to Chief in 1985 and was commissioned as an officer in 1988. In 2004 Steve retired from the Navy as a Commander. He is a Plankowner on USS OHIO (SSBN 726) and completed three tours as an Executive Officer or Chief Staff Officer in the Submarine Force. He is married to Susan, whom he met in Belize. They have three children and three grandchildren.”  Stephen Krueger is the author of Island of the Son: A Belizean Journey and Ten Thousand and a Wake-up: A Navy Journey.

According to the book description of Ten Thousand and a Wake-up: A Navy Journey, “Ten Thousand and a Wake-up is a series of stories about a journey through five decades in the Navy. From Seaman Recruit to Commander, Stephen Wendt took a different, distinctive, humorous path to success. From a non-qual on a submarine, to a Chief Staff Officer of a Submarine Squadron, to a contractor at Submarine Force Headquarters, Stephen was witness to, and part of, major social changes in the U.S. Navy. The Navy after the Vietnam War, Life on a Boomer in the 70's, the last days of The Admiral, Women on Ships, Don't Ask; Don't Tell, and Fraternization Policies were all part of his Navy experience. Ten Thousand and a Wake-up is a book at these changes through a slightly off-center lens.”


According to the book description of Island of the Son: A Belizean Journey, “Island of the Son is the story of a young man's four year journey through Belize in the 1970s. One day, out of the blue, Steve's father left America behind and moved his family to in island with no electricity or running water. What followed was Steve's journey from an outcast in Belize, to a runaway and rouge within his own family. Throughout his journey he was guided by a Belizean family which couldn't have been more different than his own. Island of the Son is a moving, yet hilarious journey into the heart of a young man and Belize.”

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