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Peter B. Booth

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Rear Admiral Peter B. Booth, USN (ret.) graduated from the United States Naval Academy in the mid-1950s.  After service on a destroyer, he attended flight training and would go on to fly in eight fighter squadrons in the Phantom Jet.  Additionally, during his career he was an aide to the Chief of Naval Operations; commanding officer of a supply ship as well as the aircraft carrier Forrestal and then in charge of Naval flight training.  Peter B. Booth is the author of True Faith and Allegiance; Humble in Victory; and, Sea Buoy Outbound.


According to a reader of True Faith and Allegiance, “How do you become and Admiral? The old fashion way - you work for it. This book is for anyone who has trod the deck plates, wish they had or want to know more about the life of a sailor- aviator. It is a must read for those aspiring to a career in the military, those who criticize the military and those who want to know more about the "military mind". The author tells his story and no one else's; he has no ax to grind. He recites his failures as well as his successes. He faults no one but himself for his shortcomings and gives credit to the sailors and the wife who made him a success. Best enjoyed in increments.”

True Faith and Allegiance
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Humble in Victory
Peter B. Booth  More Info

According to a reader of Humble in Victory, “This is a believable, insightful yarn based in a real world setting spun by an author who has "been there - done that". Most can identify with each character as someone they know or have met and not necessarily in the service. Sit back and enjoy it. Be prepared to gain some insight and to be intellectually challenged in the process.”

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