Paul Baviello

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Corpsman Up
Paul Baviello  More Info

What veterans think of the Corpsman Up.


"Doc Buzz was one of the Corpsman assigned to my battalion.  His book tells in emotional detail some of the day to day combat events of Marine Grunts and Corpsmen.  Although written as a novel the book brought back memories of actual events."

LtCol Joseph Griffis USMC (Ret)

CO 1st Bn 5th Mar, Vietnam 1969-70


"You definitely get 'two thumbs way up' from me.  Your descriptions of the horrors of booby traps was extra powerful for me."

George Lemon

USMC D Co 1st Bn 5th Mar, Vietnam 1969-70


"I truly enjoyed the book.  I don't have to tell you what a Corpsman means to Marines.  All I can say is, thanks Doc and Semper Fi."

Larry Odono

USMC Vietnam 1969-70


"After 25 years 'Doc Buzz's book Corpsman Up has done me more good than he will ever know.  Thank You."

M/Sgt Carlton Upchurch, USMC (Ret)

B Co. 1st Bn 5th Mar, Vietnam 1969-70


"Outstanding book.  The story saddened me, gladdened me, and more importantly caused my chest to swell with pride."

Scott  "Doc" Chobot

Corpsman Vietnam 1969 - Double amputee


"It brought back some ghosts, but it is extremely well written and accurately portrays the Corpsmen who served with 1/5 as the best and bravest group of men I have ever known."

A.J. Alexander MD

Battalion Surgeon, 1st Bn  5th Marines


"The most factual book I've read on Vietnam.  I was propelled back to the Nam."

Bill "Doc" Cloonan

Corpsman B Co. 1st Bn 5th Mar, Vietnam 1969-70


"It tells the Corpsman's story accurately.  His quotes from 'Henry V' say so much.  Tears, laughter, pain and healing." 

"Doc" Jeff Lippincott

Corpsman G Co. 2nd Bn 5th Mar, Vietnam 1969-70


"The book Corpsman Up reflects the quiet heroism of FMF Corpsmen heretofore known mainly by Marines.  The book accurately depicts the actions and emotions of combat Corpsmen.  It is greatly appreciated by those of us who are still alive."

Tom "Doc" Lindenmeyer

Corpsman L Co 1st Bn 9th Marines - Vietnam 1967-68

In 1966, Paul Baviello became a member of the United States Navy. After boot camp, Paul Baviello attended Hospital Corps School at The Lakes and FMSS at Camp Lejeune.  He first duty assignment was at the Naval Hospital Jacksonville (Florida). He then spent 19th months with 2nd BN 28th Marines at Camp Pendleton before going to Vietnam.  In Vietnam Paul Baviello served with Delta Co 1st BN 5th Marines at An Hoa (1969-70).  His continued his service as a reservist from 1971 through 1973.  Paul Baviello is the author of Corpsman Up.


According to the book description, Corpsman Up “is the cry that echoes across the battlefield whenever a Marine is wounded in combat. The book tells the story of men at war from a unique perspective; that of a medical specialist assigned to a Marine combat platoon. It is 1969; Hospital Corpsman Mike Lombardo arrives in Vietnam determined to follow in the footsteps of his dad and grandfather in war. He quickly discovers there is nothing glamorous or heroic about war. Through Mike's eyes you go on a journey into a living hell and experience the thrills and horror of combat, the agony of the wounded and dead and see foxhole relationships develop between blacks and whites, farm boys and city kids. Experience the anguish, and concern with Mike, when friend after friend is wounded and he knows that their lives are in his hands and then wonder for the rest of his life if he did the right things.”

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