Michael Ellis

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Michael Ellis served in the U.S. Navy and retired after a twenty-year career. After the navy, Michael worked as a defense contractor, teacher, and information technology consultant. During 2005, Michael Ellis served as a defense contractor in Iraq.  Michael Ellis is the author of Apollo Rises and Nea Makri.


Michael Ellis said of Apollo Rises, “I began writing Apollo Rises over thirty years ago. Back then, I could not tell Apollo’s story, because U.S. Government cryptographic systems that are essential to this story were classified. Those classified cryptographic systems were valuable targets of Soviet espionage agents. Now, U.S. Government declassification schedules permit me to tell Apollo’s story to the detail that I always wanted to tell it.”


A reader of Nea Makri said, “Mr. Ellis has written an epic spy story in "Nea Makri." The strong cast of characters and his ability to crisply portray the local and foreign residents, the minute details of the city of Nea Makri and the U.S. Navy's installation, make for an intriguing and suspenseful story. I truly enjoyed it and look forward to his next novel.”

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