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Michael S. Alexatos

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Captain Michael S. Alexatos, USN (ret.) is the author of: Ramblings from an Armchair; Ramblings From A Sleepless Night; Ramblings from a Cockpit; and, Early Morning Ramblings.


The MOAA said of Ramblings from a Cockpit, “Herein is a prolific work in rhymed couplets, the broad scope of which encompasses tragedy and comedy, bonding and loss, the drama of flight’s danger and its sense of freedom.”


According to the book description of Ramblings from an Armchair, “This is a collection of poems that were mainly written during the afternoon and early evening while waiting to go to dinner or for something to do after dinner.”

Ramblings From A Sleepless Night
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Ramblings from a Cockpit
Michael S. Alexatos  More Info

Ramblings from an Armchair
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Early Morning Ramblings
Michael Alexatos  More Info

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