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Maurice H. Unger

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Commander Maurice H. Unger, USN (ret.) “is a graduate of the University of the South (Sewanee). He served in the US Navy as a Naval Flight Officer with tours of duty that included operations in the Antarctica and flying the A-6E Intruder from the decks of numerous aircraft carriers. Upon retiring from the Navy, he worked in the fields of aviation logistics support and information technology management. Commander Maurice H. Unger is the author of When Destinies Collide and Terrorism's Shifting Winds.


According to book description of When Destinies Collide, “Hurricane Diane, a monster storm, has targeted Virginia Beach, Virginia as her stepping stone onto the U.S. mainland. Jackie Randolph and her family are unable to evacuate from the resort city before the storm hits. Not only do they experience the harrowing onslaught of this mighty tempest, but they must fight for their lives against a gang of drug traffickers who break into their home at the height of the storm. In a deadly confrontation, Jackie and her father kill two members of the gang, one the brother of the gang leader, Carlos Suarez. Before departing the bloody scene, Carlos swears revenge.


Four years later, Carlos exacts a terrible reprisal against the Randolph family, leaving Jackie and her two brothers to pick up the shattered pieces of their lives. An unsuccessful police investigation causes the beautiful and resourceful Jackie to take the initiative in seeking justice. Will her quest end with "an eye for an eye"? Deception and intrigue are Jackie’s companions as she commences her journey, and at the end she understands all too well that When Destinies Collide fate will be the hunter.”

When Destinies Collide
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Terrorism's Shifting Winds
Maurice H. Unger  More Info

According to book description of Terrorism's Shifting Winds, “Islamic terrorists are running hand-in-hand with powerful drug trafficking cartels in the Western Hemisphere to launch new attacks against the United States.  Terrorism's Shifting Winds is an action/suspense thriller that takes this collaboration between Mid-East terrorists and drug traffickers and weaves a story of intrigue that entails not only drug trafficking but the smuggling of a weapon of mass destruction into the United States.  Jackie Randolph, an impetuous but resourceful ex-special agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration, is rehired for an undercover role.  Toss in the antics of some fearsome, erstwhile Tennessee moonshiners, Mexican drug traffickers and some not so innocent white collar vacationers at a wilderness retreat, and you have a robust tale about heroes and villains.”

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