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Mark W. Danielson

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Commander Mark W. Danielson, USN (ret.) “earned his Commercial Pilot’s License prior to entering the University of Northern Colorado in 1970.  He was commissioned a Distinguished Graduate from Air Force ROTC in June 1974 with a BA degree. He went on to fly the F-4 Phantom II fighter with the 80th Tactical Fighter Squadron at Kunsan AB, Korea, where he was selected as the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing's Junior Officer of the Quarter and Top Gun of the Operational Readiness Inspection.


After moving to Lubbock, Texas, to serve as a T-38 advanced instructor-pilot, Mr. Danielson put his writing career on hold while completing his 300 hp Steen Skybolt bi-plane.  He first flew the airplane in 1979, and performed in numerous air shows over Texas.  He left active duty in 1980 to pursue a civilian pilot career, but later returned to active duty, this time in the U.S. Navy.  He earned his MA degree while serving as a jet-strike flight instructor in Beeville, Texas.”


Commander Mark W. Danielson is the author of Diablo's Shadow; Danger Within; and, The Innocent Never Knew.


According to the book description of Diablo's Shadow, “Advertising executive Randy Connifer adored his six-year-old daughter, Kerri.  He yearned to be with her, but his estranged wife's court order limited their time together to Wednesday mornings and every other weekend.  Making the most of it, Randy and Kerri looked forward to their walks through Redwood Regional Park; Kerr's cherished spot.  When Randy picked her up that particular Wednesday morning, Kerri was determined to reach the lookout bench, buoyed by the thought of seeing snow on Mount Diablo.  Randy sensed that someone was watching them, but failed to act on his instincts.  All of a sudden, Kerri sprinted ahead, knowing that Randy couldn't keep pace.  She disappeared around a blind curve without a trace.  That single moment of inattention changed Randy's world forever.”


According to the book description of Danger Within, “This fast-paced thriller tracks the life and death of Global Cargo Express Flight 3217. Based on a real in-flight fire, author and active airline pilot Mark Danielson takes the reader inside the cockpit to see the gritty world of aviation the way it really is. When a giant DC-10 ends up in the water off the LA coast, salvage crews rush to the scene, but when salvage divers fin their way down to find the answers, men begin to die. Danger Within will intrigue any lover of suspense.”

Diablo's Shadow
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Danger Within
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The Innocent Never Knew
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According to the book description of The Innocent Never Knew, “When Senator Sam Tinsdale's plane crashes short of the runway during a city-wide power failure, NTSB investigator Bob Stambler is sent to Albuquerque to investigate. But when he arrives, he finds the site tampered with, evidence removed; he's threatened by men in snowsuits. When his boss issues a statement that the Cockpit Voice Recorder and Flight Data Recorder failed, Stambler smells a cover-up. Was Senator Tinsdale a victim of political assassination like Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown? Author and FedEx pilot Mark Danielson spins another yarn of murder and double-dealing in this fast-paced political conspiracy.”

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