Lesa A. McComas

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The Naval Officer's Guide Eleventh Edition
William P. MacK  More Info

Commander Lesa A. McComas, USN (ret.), attended Officer Candidate School at Newport (Rhode Island).  Lesa McComas served as an active duty surface warfare officer as well as an associate professor of Naval Science at the University of California, Berkeley. She is a co-author of The Naval Officer's Guide Eleventh Edition.


According to one reader of The Naval Officer's Guide Eleventh Edition, “As a former navy officer and writer on navy themes I treasure my copy of The Naval Officer's Guide. It is a handy, up-to-date reference that authoritatively addresses vital aspects of leadership and knowledge in the sea service--even to a glossary of slang expressions and a primer on military law. An excellent research source for anyone interested in the way the real navy operates. Should be in every junior officer's pocket. The new material by Commander McComas is particularly valuable and builds on an impressive compendium of naval facts.”

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