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Lance Burton

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Lance Burton is "currently a team member with the private security firm Spec Ops Service. After graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy and serving in the Navy for 13 years, he deployed with Blackwater U.S.A. as a private military contractor before becoming an FBI Special Agent specializing in counter-terrorism and later serving in the Violent Crime Squad in McAllen, Texas. Burton holds a black belt in four different martial arts and a national title in Taekwondo, along with 28 years of training and experience in mixed martial arts fighting. He is happily married with his three-year-old daughter."   Lance Burton is the author of The Blood of a God: The Nephilim Chronicles, Book One.

According to the book description of The Blood of a God: The Nephilim Chronicles, Book One, "The year is 2047 and the fate of the Earth hangs in the balance. Commander Tarakia Sol, a warrior-princess with the blood of a celestial coursing through her, leads a special team called Talon Squad in a fight to save humanity from a coming invasion by a race of beings in the Orion Constellation . . . beings who are the descendants of a former Angel and will stop at nothing to enslave all of humanity. Will all her power, training, and faith be enough to stop them? What does the revelation of their existence mean in relation to our place in the universe?"

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