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Joseph H. Miller

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Rear Admiral Joseph H. Miller, USN (ret.) “received his M.D. degree from the Medical College of Georgia in 1955. His surgical training was carried out at Baptist Memorial Hospital, University of Tennessee, School of Medicine, Memphis, Tennessee and the National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Blindness, Bethesda, Maryland.


His active duty in the Navy included positions of Chief of Neurosurgery, National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland and during a sabbatical, Chief of Neurosurgery, US Naval Hospital, Da Nang, Vietnam. While on active duty, he initiated a study that recommended the establishment of residency in neurosurgery at Bethesda.


He continued a parallel career as a Naval Reserve officer. In 1970, the Surgeon General of the Navy appointed Dr. Miller to chair a group to develop a neurosurgical residency for the Navy. His committee included Drs. Shelden, German, MacCarty, and Hunt. Their work resulted in a residency program at the Naval Hospital in San Diego.

Dr. Miller continued the Navy Reserve career in many parts of the world. He retired as a Rear Admiral in 1986 after 35 years in the Naval Reserve with 11 decorations including the Legion of Merit, Navy Commendation Medal with Combat V, Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation and Combat Action Ribbon.” (Society of Neurological Surgeons) Rear Admiral Joseph H. Miller is the author of Faked Disability: A Shame of America; You Live! You Die! Who Decides: A Textbook of Life and Death; Explore the Brain for the Soul and Overcome the World: To Conquer the World We Must Explore Beyond the World; and, Mysteries of the Southern Baptist Beliefs Revealed.

According to the book description of Faked Disability, A Shame of America! it is a “textbook to recognize the problem. A Warning to America! "You cannot bring prosperity by discouraging thrift; you cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong; you cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer; you cannot help the poor by destroying the rich; you cannot build character and courage by taking away a man's initiative and independence; and you cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves." Abraham Lincoln Society becomes strained and inefficient when there are large numbers of people not working for the common good.


The psychological effects of malingering can be horrible. It destroys an individual as a person. He has fallen into a trap and has been enslaved by a generous system, which is quite easy to defraud. It is a rare person who under proper conditions will not accept a hand out from the government or big business. There are also people who will starve to death before they will accept charity. It should be made very clear that every American I know believes in giving all the aid possible to people with real disability and even more than is available. Many people have the mentality of believing that they are entitled to welfare from the big government if they decide they want it. The question must be asked, "Is it fair to society and to the patient in particular to provide him with 'eating bread' of idleness when it has been obtained by fraud?" Eating the bread of society by lying is sinning against God and society. Doctors and lawyers, are you also sinning against God and society when you knowingly, falsely or ignorantly help a person get undeserved money from the government or big business?”


According to the book description of Explore the Brain for the Soul and Overcome the World: To Conquer the World We Must Explore Beyond the World, “This book hopes to encourage the reader to: Clear the mind, get rid of presuppositions and prejudices, awaken the soul, prove that God exists, and learn that soul growth is the goal. This is the way to overcome the world. The brain functions much like a group of computers, but a computer does not have feelings nor does it know right from wrong. All morality and ethics are revealed in God's word. The greatest tragedy and failure of the religious leaders of the last fifty years is that of widespread Biblical Illiteracy. We are now beyond post-modernism. The secular world has pushed us in a counter-counter reformation. The swords of religious liberty are used by non-religious minds against religion. (They support immoral religious leadership, pornography, abortion for all, homosexuality, non-baptized babies go to hell and even worse, Biblical Illiteracy.) Our leaders who have abandoned the proper teaching of the Scriptures have led us into a world of unbelief. One has to know the Scriptures in order to believe them. Vandals publicize more on walls than we do in church.


The concept of God's righteousness has become man's ignorance. With ignorance of a subject, there is no way to defend that subject. Ignorance produces more ignorance. It grows like a fungus. The problem is no longer disbelief, but is no belief. Our leaders preach to one another and by so doing support the concept of "Let's just love one another and let the world go to hell." Every leader now knows about Biblical Illiteracy, but it must be at the bottom of their priorities. When Biblical ignorance occurs we become infiltrated with corrupted and heretical beliefs like Calvinism, the way to heaven is to be good-looking and rich, alcoholism is a disease, women can't be ministers, but men ministers can be immoral, and on and on and on. Read the section in this book that shows the true character and heresy of John Calvin. Heresy and ignorance crowds out the eternal.


Many people check the questionnaire that they believe in God, but do not know the Biblical God. Understanding the God that described Himself in Exodus 3:14,15 is central to understanding the Christian beliefs. The Bible is not a record of God's Word. It is God's word. The best proof of God is presented in this book. One cannot prove God by words or things; if they try they make God a thing. Dead souls don't produce. With widespread Biblical Illiteracy among Christians there are dead souls somewhere in the process of education. This book reveals what part of man goes to heaven and what part does not. I promise you that you will enjoy and be blessed in following along with me in the search for the soul and thus overcoming the world.”

Explore the Brain for the Soul and Overcome the World: To Conquer the World We Must Explore Beyond the World
Joseph H. Miller  More Info

You Live! You Die! Who Decides?: A Textbook of Life and Death
Joseph, H. Miller M. D.  More Info

Faked Disability: A Shame of America: An Insult to the Medical Profession, A Disgrace to the Legal Profession
Joseph, H. Miller M.D.  More Info

Mysteries of the Southern Baptist Beliefs Revealed: More properly called Biblical Baptists
Joseph Miller  More Info

According to the book description of You Live! You Die! Who Decides: A Textbook of Life and Death, “Since not even science knows much about death and it is rolling in our direction at a high rate of speed we all need to learn as much as we can about it. No earthly person has ever returned from the trip, but we can prepare for it in several ways. The first obstacle to overcome in our minds about death is the universal tendency to deny it will happen, to ignore it, and to not prepare for it. If one has no faith, no religion, or no belief in God and this is one's firm, fixed, and final decision then eat, drink, and be merry and let it happen. I can think of no reasonable solutions for that position. For the Christian the issue is settled and no further comment is needed. In my previous book on Biblical Beliefs there is an extensive discussion on the after-life and one is referred to that.


Because of the almost universal ignorance related to the death of Terri Schiavo extensive studies are included. This involves the Grey Areas of Life, Life and Death Ethics, the Code of Medical Ethics, Bioethics, Anatomical and Physiological Studies of the Brain, Physiological Basis of Consciousness, Euthanasia and the desire for Death, 30 year Experience with Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide in The Netherlands, Death and the Bible, Death and the Desire for Death in the Bible, and Humanism. Where one can and needs to be educated concerns the events leading up to death for you and your family. This requires knowledge of the 12 Levels of Life from Normal to Death. Only then can one place a value on the quality of life at each of these levels. One must also be able to separate out the clinical levels of Consciousnesses, as we know them from alert, to alert and confused, drowsiness, stuporous, deep stupor, coma, and deep coma.


The Science and Legality of death is reviewed by describing Brain Death, Persistent Vegetative State, Florida law, Living wills and Terminal Care, and the role of Ethics Committees. To give one a perception as to what can happen to the brain, clinical examples of brain destruction are given. After being educated from this book one must then decide if they are capable of making Life and Death decisions. The truth is that some people cannot. In order to develop an action that will change the shameful condition of death decisions in America there is an Epilogue describing the needs necessary for action. This includes Leadership, Salvation, and the reversal of the widespread Biblical Illiteracy among Christians. With the knowledge in this book Congress should be able to develop a law or laws of the people instead of having the courts with ordinary men and their prejudices making them.”


According to the book description of Mysteries of the Southern Baptist Beliefs Revealed, “The Southern Baptist published beliefs from the years 1833 through 2000 and particularly as adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention, 14 June 2000 are reviewed. The questions are asked; "As published do they clearly show the plan of salvation?" and "does the average Southern Baptist know and understand them?" If not, they represent some type of tool for the leadership who in some instances seem to show an almost pathological dedication to them, even overshadowing the Scriptures. (They are "a witness to the world". Baptist Faith and Message 2000, p. 3)


The Baptist Faith & Message Statement has always created controversy. The one from the year 2000 created the most, however, not nearly as much as Jesus created. Even Calvin (1509-1564) noted, "Tumult and unrest often accompany the true proclamation of God's word." (Shepherds Notes, Calvins Institutes, Broadman and Holman Publishers, 1998 p.14) These conclusions have come from discussions and written reviews by senior Baptists, some who have, at least psychologically, left the Southern Baptist Convention. I am reminded of the words of Paul, "I am debtor to the barbarians; and both to the wise and unwise." (Romans 1:14) There is no doubt in my mind that if Christ were to return in this century as He did 2000 years ago He would be crucified again; this time probably by Baptists instead of the Jews. Major issues will be discussed. Baptists have always had the right to discuss and compare their beliefs. I can clearly remember my father, who was the best true Christian that I have ever known saying, "Son, I am a Southern Baptist because I believe they are closer to what the Bible teaches than anyone else." This book is really 18 books in one.


It reviews many "big" current religious issues including: refuting the concept of the original sin, clarification of predestination, what is truth (The question Pilate asked Jesus and did not wait for an answer), the Philosophy of War (effects of religion, pacifists, the "Just War", Terror-Us (A new word for crime in America.), shame in our churches, our children moving from television to video games and further away from the Bible, the false concept and security of Baptist in the non-biblical widespread belief of a pre-tribulation rapture, the Biblical warnings that must happen before Christ comes again, a description of the End of the World, and America going to hell reading religious novels. I mentioned to a friend the distraction of reading two novels a week instead of reading the Bible. The answer, " I don't care, I'm going to read them." This is a classic example of the addiction of reading novels and their substitution as an idol. No one will be Left Behind. Everyone will either be flown to Heaven or thrown into Hell.”

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