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John J. Sheehan

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Commander John J. Sheehan, USN (ret.), “has extensive experience in aviation, beginning his career as a Navy carrier pilot. After a 21 year Navy career he flew corporate and charter aircraft and worked as an aviation association executive and consultant, assisting airlines, government agencies and corporate aviation with management and operational issues. In 1995 he established Professional Aviation Inc., which specializes in aircraft selection, management and safety issues for corporate flight departments. He presents management and operational workshops for the National Business Aviation Association and writes extensively for industry publications. Mr. Sheehan holds an FAA Airline Transport Pilot certificate and a Master of Business Administration degree.”  John J. Sheehan is the author of Business and Corporate Aviation Management: On Demand Air Travel.


According to the book description of Business and Corporate Aviation Management: On Demand Air Travel, “Corporate and charter aircraft bring benefits to businesses that use them effectively and efficiently. Getting started in this complex technical field can prove a bewildering experienced for the uninitiated. Once begun, managing an on-demand air transportation operation requires skill and knowledge to continue it successfully. "Business and Corporate Aviation Management" offers executives, managers and flight department personnel a solid background and insights into establishing and running aviation operations. Written by a highly experienced business aviation consultant, the book provides information on: how companies use aircraft to best advantage via: In-house flight departments; jointly owned aircraft; owner flown aircraft; charter aircraft; and fractional ownership; choosing the best aircraft and method of air transportation; establishing, managing and maintaining all types of on-demand air transportation options; aircraft acquisition, start-up, regulations, scheduling, finances, safety, maintenance and operations; and keeping flight operations safe, legal, effective and efficient.”

Business and Corporate Aviation Management
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